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No matter how prepared you are, there might come a time when you struggle to pay the bills[....]

A payday loan is a small, short-term loan that you can use for various needs. This loan type is designed to be repaid[....]

Payday loans are a popular solution for getting cash quickly for emergency expenses[....]

Payday loans, love them or hate them, are a popular type of loan, especially for those with poor credit. They're usually small, short-term loans with high interest and fees that you repay[....]

Need extra cash for a medical emergency, sudden household expenses, or a dream vacation? Your first response, besides checking your savings account, might be to learn about the available[....]

Since payday loans don't require collateral for loan approval, they appear to have at least one advantage over pawnshops. However, payday lenders usually require a post-dated[....]

Need extra cash for a medical emergency, sudden household expenses, or a dream vacation? Your first response, besides checking your savings account, might be to learn about[....]

If you need quick extra money or cash between pay periods, know that you're not alone. Plenty of people find themselves in similar situations and turn to an easy financing[....]

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) estimates about 12 million American consumers take out payday loans annually[....]

2020 was a wild ride, and for many Americans, it was an expensive one, too. Roughly 46 million Americans wiped out their emergency fund during[....]

Student loans are one of the largest sources of debt many people deal with in their lives, besides a mortgage. And it’s not always immediately[....]

If you have not yet started planning for retirement, don’t worry! The best time to start is now.[....]

Living with poor credit can be tricky since your credit history moves with you everywhere you go and businesses use it to determine your creditworthiness.[....]

What's the best way to save money? There are plenty of apps, spreadsheets, budget templates and savings challenges you can try. But if you have been struggling to find a method[....]

Nationally, only 28% of adults have what’s considered healthy finances. That means regular income, good saving habits, and a manageable amount of debt.[....]

Are you looking for a fun and simple way to save money? Why not try out one of these 20 money-saving challenges to make your cash go further this year?[....]

When you set up your 401k, that was smart planning for the future. But no one could plan for a pandemic that affects employment or long-term savings.[....]

After a long year, the holidays are a great time to relax and enjoy ourselves. But when money is tight, it can be hard to budget for those extra luxuries.[....]

Did you know that 72% of Instagram users have made purchases based on posts they saw on Instagram? This statistic shows how social media can and does influence[....]

A cosigner or co-borrower can help you get approved for a loan. Discover which one is right for you.[....]

Navigating quick online loan options can be confusing. But we're here to help. Here are six dos and don'ts of getting a quick online loan.[....]

Considering a personal loan? Then you might wonder if a fixed-rate loan is the right choice. Keep reading to learn everything about fixed-rate loans.[....]

Bankruptcy can be scary-but it doesn't mean the end of the world. Learn about how it can affect you while also becoming a fresh start. And remember, you can still apply for bad credit loans even with bankruptcy![....]

Need fast cash? Payday loans and cash advances are some of the go-to options. Learn the differences here, plus how you can get a same-day loan with Jora Credit.[....]

If you have the funds, it can be tempting to pay off your loan early. But make sure to consider the pros and cons of doing so.[....]

If you need quick money, same-day loans can be appealing. Just make sure you go with a reputable lender like Jora Credit.[....]

If you're thinking about a loan, there are several things to consider-like whether a short- or long-term loan is better for you.[....]

If you're in a bind, a quick loan can help. But choosing the right loan can be difficult. Learn about two common loan options, title and payday loans. [....]

Considering your loan options? Learn more about signature loans-plus alternative options through lenders like Jora Credit [....]

Sometimes called “The First State” for signing the U.S. Constitution before any other in 1787, Delaware is now considered the 36th most expensive state to live in. As costs continue rising throughout the country, Delaware has [....]

Financial wellness might seem out of reach if you’re currently experiencing financial hardship or are struggling to rebuild your credit after an unexpected life event. [....]

South Carolina is well-known for its tourist attractions, beaches, and family-friendly fun. The state also boasts an affordable cost of living. A recent study showed that South Carolina has the 20th lowest cost of living in the United States. [....]

According to a recent study, Alabama has the 4th lowest cost of living in the United States with a cost of living index of 88.1 out of 100. Housing, groceries, utilities, transportation, and healthcare all tend to be more affordable in Alabama than in many other areas of the country. [....]

Get the Funds You Need with Personal Loans in Wisconsin[....]

If you are looking for personal loan options in Utah, there are plenty to consider – from traditional high street banks to online lenders specializing in poor credit loans.[....]

If you are looking for loan options in Mississippi, there are plenty to consider—whether you need help with living expenses, financial emergencies, or general purchases.[....]

Kansas is one of the most affordable states to live in, with a cost of living index of 87.5 (out of a possible 100). But like the rest of the United States, prices are rising.[....]

If you're a resident of Tennessee and need a loan quickly, you can easily apply for a personal loan through Jora today. The process takes just a few minutes and requires basic personal and financial information.[....]

If you live in Idaho and need immediate cash, apply now for a personal loan with Jora Credit. All you need to do is visit the website and take a few moments to fill out the application.[....]

Payday loans are one of the most common types of alternative financing to personal loans and other loans from direct lenders.[....]

The 401(k) is an excellent means of saving for retirement, but what are the alternatives? Read this to learn more.[....]

Can a borrower get a loan without any credit? The answer is yes. If a borrower is in need of money, he can still get a loan even without credit.[....]

With the financial pressures in today's society, it is easy to lose a good credit rating. In fact, FICO® reports that 15.5% of the U.S. population has a subprime[....]

Your credit score represents your level of creditworthiness based on your credit history. The lower your credit score, the less trustworthy[....]

If you thought fixing your credit score would be costly or complicated, think again. There are a few simple ways to repair your credit[....]

Credit scores are a way for lenders and creditors to assess your risk as a borrower. When they approve a loan, they attach an interest rate[....]

401(k) Emergency Loans are not meant to be used as emergency savings. Don’t use your 401(k) to cover your expenses.[....]

How Life Insurance Payments Work (And What to Watch Out For)Life insurance can help protect your family in case anything happens to you. But how do insurance payments work, and what should you watch out for?[....]

Want to buy used electronics but you have bad credit? Read this article to learn more.[....]

Learn ways to eat healthy for cheap. Discover how you can start saving money today. Start by reading this article.[....]

Bikes are a great way to save on transportation costs. Get a bike to get some exercise, save money and reduce pollution.[....]

Is a late rent payment really that bad for your credit score? Find out how late rent payments affect your credit score, and how you can avoid excessive fees.[....]

Your credit score might take a hit when a vehicle or other item is repossessed. Find out how much repossession affect your Credit Score. [....]

Anyone on any income can use these tips to budget and save money. Here’s our guide on how to master your finances no matter where you are.[....]

When it comes to comparing spending levels, what does a typical budget look like? If that’s the case, we’re here to help. Click here![....]

Do you need money? Are you considering borrowing an installment loan? Learn the benefits of using direct lenders.[....]

Don’t get caught in the debt trap! Remember these easy-to-avoid credit mistakes and become debt-free. We’ll point out 8 of the most common.[....]

Arm yourself with tools to come out on top of an economic downturn. Start with this expert advice on how to survive a recession.[....]

Are you wondering how to select a fast loan lender? We’ve got you covered! Here’s what to look for and be aware of when you need cash now.[....]

Getting out of debt can be challenging, but these seven solutions will help you prepare for debt repayment.[....]

Nothing can feel more devastating than living with a low credit score. But trust us— if your credit score is less than optimal there are ways to improve it. One of those is taking out an installment loan.[....]

Do you need fast cash? Here’s a guide to understanding how online installment loans work and when you might want to get one.[....]

As the world faces the coronavirus pandemic, explore how to manage your money in an effort to survive the economic recession of 2020.[....]

Keep your confidential information from getting into the wrong hands with these tips to protect personal information.[....]

In 2018, the average American paid a whopping $15,322 in tax payments. That might not seem like much if taxes got withdrawn from your paychecks by your employer. If you’re self employed or own your own business, then it’s a different situation.[....]

Here’s how to spot a financial scam and get your warning signs before you fall victim.[....]

Did you know there’s an optimal way to use a checking account? Check out our guide to discover the best ways to make money work for you.[....]

If you need fast cash, you have options. We look at the pros and cons of installment loans vs payday loans to see which is the best choice.[....]

If you are looking to make a major purchase, one factor you need to prioritize is your credit. Here is a guide on how to rebuild your credit fast.[....]

Here are seven simple ways to save money at home on things you might not even know are secretly draining your wallet.[....]

If you’re looking for ways to use your tax refund beyond the typical, we’ve compiled a list just for you.[....]

Here’s what repossession of a car or property could do to your credit score, and some ways to avoid that from happening before it gets bad.[....]

Need cash for an emergency? Want to consolidate your debt? Need to fund a wedding or buy a car or even a house? Well then—you could consider getting an installment loan.[....]

When taking out any type of credit, a credit score is the number one thing to take into account. A credit score will affect your ability to get approved for credit as well as the interest rates and terms applied to your agreement.[....]

How to get an FHA loan with only a 3.5% down payment. Everything you need to know when buying a home. Your biggest investment deserves a boost.[....]

Apartment Listing Scams are rampant. Here’s how to protect yourself from Apartment Listing Scams.[....]

Do you want to be financially free? Learn more about tips and tricks on how to build your savings in 2022.[....]

The holiday season has passed which often means you splurged on gifts and holiday feasts. The holidays can get expensive, and on a freelance budget, you’ll want to be sure you can enjoy the holidays your way, without breaking the bank.[....]

Strong financial health is characterized by a steady flow of income, a growing cash balance, a robust portfolio, and regular expenses.[....]

A common myth about investing is that a big fat bank account is required just to get started. In reality, the process of building wealth can begin with small investments.[...]

With the right plan in place, you can stick to your financial resolutions and end the coming year in a better place than when you started it.[...]

There are many myths about credit, but building credit for a home or car purchase is necessary without having cash on hand for those purchases.[..]

TikTok has 1 billion users per month watching short-form videos on its app — and many of them are watching videos about personal finance. Here are 9 Financial TikTokers You Should Follow.[...]

Whether you need to create an emergency fund, save for a vacation or stash away some extra cash for Christmas, financial challenges can help you reach your goal.[...]


If you’re trying to pay off debt, you might be considering a loan. Learn the difference between debt consolidation vs. personal loans.[...]

Finding the right loan for your financial goals requires knowing your options. When it comes to secured loans vs. unsecured loans, here are the differences.[...]

If you’re considering a loan, it’s important to know the difference between installment loans vs payday loans. Read our guide to learn more. .[....]

How do TikTokers make money? And is this something you want to do — going from viewer to creator? Here’s what you need to know.[...]

How do TikTokers make money? And is this something you want to do — going from viewer to creator? Here’s what you need to know.[....]

There are many myths about credit, but building credit for a home or car purchase is necessary without having cash on hand for those purchases.[..]

How do TikTokers make money? And is this something you want to do — going from viewer to creator? Here’s what you need to know.[....]

This guide will help ensure that those who currently have no savings can get themselves on the right track. From here, you’ll find that saving money is not as complicated as you might have thought.[....]

We’re here to clarify some of the intricacies that go along with investing to help you pick the right investment for your situation.[....]

If you are worried about your child’s financial future but don’t know how to teach them, keep reading for our list of helpful financial literacy games![....]

If you are looking a loan that helps make payments easier, an installment loan may be the answer. Here are common uses for installment loans.[....]

Savings accounts come in all shapes and sizes. Find the one that fits your needs with this guide to the different types of savings accounts.[....]

Statistics show that more than 50% of Americans are spending beyond their budget, which often keeps them from achieving their financial goals. We’ve compiled a list of ideas to help you curb your spending and possibly stash away some money in your savings account in the process.[....]

If you have a credit card, you can build your credit score. Simply make sure that you are paying off your purchases every month on time and keeping a low credit utilization rate of less than 30%.  

Experts recommend that your emergency fund has between three months to a year’s worth of expenses. The size of the fund will depend on your lifestyle and expenses. You are the only one who can determine the right amount for your emergency fund. [...]

Learn all about the Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP) and how to obtain federal help when struck with an emergency that has you facing eviction.

If you’re considering a loan, it’s important to know the difference between installment loans vs payday loans. Read our guide to learn more.[....]


One way to raise your score a few points is to get rid of any negative marks on your credit report. Keep reading to learn about how to remove credit inquiries from your credit report to boost your score today![....]


Want to have better control over your credit, see where you stand, and potentially raise your score? It’s here right now and completely free!

Take control of your money with short-term loans. These common types of loans can help you get the money you need quickly and efficiently.[....]

Can you build credit without having a credit card? Yes! Learn the most reliable credit building methods and solutions here our guide.[....]

Do you like helping small businesses but feel like you can’t afford it? Even with a small budget, you can support them. Here’s how![....]

Finding the right loan for your financial goals requires knowing your options. When it comes to secured loans vs. unsecured loans, here are the differences.[....]

You can take a step towards financial freedom when learn how to build your budget in 2022.[....]

At some point in our lives, most of us need to apply for a loan for various reasons. It could be to cover an emergency expense, buy a car, fund a vacation, or home improvements. Whatever the reason, applying for a loan online doesn’t need to be difficult.[....]

I’m sure you’ve seen 0% APR offers before. But did you know that they can hurt as well as help you? Learn how to spot the potential pitfalls and avoid them.[....]

Learn how to get out of debt and consolidate your bills. Overcome the obstacles you face when you owe money to multiple lenders.[....]

A cash advance allows you to use your credit card to get a short-term cash loan at a bank or ATM. Unlike a cash withdrawal from a bank account, a cash advance has to be paid back — just like anything else you put on your credit card.[....]

What can you possibly get for free, on your birthday? Get loads of free stuff with these great offers to put on your list and claim.[....]

There are many ways to earn extra cash in 2022. Here are 10 of the most popular side hustles.[....]

Need cash quickly? 1. Get an online loan 2. Get a line of credit 3. Get credit card cash advance 4. Consider a side gig.[....]

No matter which kind of debt you’re looking at, you may be curious about whether it’s good debt vs. bad debt. Learn the difference here..[....]

Learn how to improve your credit score for free. Discover the secrets of the credit score industry.[....]

The whole gaming community is having an argument over it. Should loot boxes be banned? Is it gambling? Should your kids be exposed to it?.[....]

Rising medical bills can ruin your credit. Find out how medical bills affect your credit score.[....]

Payday loan have high interest rates, but sometimes it’s a good idea?.[....]

Are you looking for a savings account for your kids? This is a great way to teach children how to save money.[....]

What are the best ways to save on school supplies? We’ve got your back covered with 10 ways to save on school supplies.[....]

Avoid Pawn Shop Loans: how to get a personal loan like a pro and choose the best payday alternative for your needs.[....]

Looking to spend a little less this summer on family fun? Check out these great cheap summer activities.[....]

Without even knowing it, you may have put yourself in a financially precarious position: being upside-down on your car loan.[....]

Use these tips to pay off your debt this year.[....]


How to improve your credit score. Factors that affect your credit score. What is a good credit score? Learn more about your credit score here[...]


Have an item you don’t want? Don’t throw it away. Pawn shops will buy anything. Learn how pawn shops work.[...]


Is a pawn shop the best option when you need cash? Pawn Shop Alternatives can help you find the money you need in a better way.[...]


Learn about the history of credit scores, how we got to where we are today and the future of credit scores.[...]


Check out these top 8 small ways to save money every day. These actions will help you save large sums of money in the long run.[...]


The internet is full of deals and savings on vacations. This post covers the ten best ways to save on a vacation.[...]


When you’re short on cash and need money, you can ask family and friends for financial help. Here’s how.[...]


Title loans, also known as vehicle title loans or car title loans, are cash loans, in which a borrower’s vehicle or vehicle title is the collateral.[...]


As a Missouri resident, you're a Midwesterner through and through. You embrace the "Show me State" nickname on the license plates and enjoy the fun activities and landmarks like the Saint Louis Arch. The state also boasts gorgeous natural landscapes, plenty of culture, and great food. [...]

Texas has long been considered one of the most affordable states to live in, and a recent study showed that it has the 17th lowest cost of living in the United States. Even so, prices continue to rise throughout the country—even in Texas.[...]


Financial emergencies happen to everyone. Perhaps you need to cover unexpected medical bills or take a costly trip to the auto repair shop.[...]


Getting a personal loan can be straightforward. You only need to meet certain requirements and have a good credit score. With those in place, you'll have the money in your account in no time. But[...]


What can you possibly get for free, on your birthday? Get loads of free stuff with these great offers to put on your list and claim.[...]


Read our guide to find out if furniture financing is worth it. We cover the benefits and disadvantages of furniture financing.[...]


Are you looking to start a side hustle? It can help you grow your income. Learn how to earn extra money with your skills.[...]


In addition to books, many libraries offer free computers, internet access, and programs for kids and adults. Learn more about what you can get for free at a library[...]


Co-signing a lease is an easy way to help someone move into a new apartment or rental property. Learn more about co-signing a lease.[...]


These 5 winter activities are sure to keep you warm and save you money. Discover a brand new way to stay active this winter.[...]


Are you worried that you may have been part of the Equifax Data Breach? Find out if your personal information has been compromised.[...]


Prepare for Recession now. Invest the time to check these items off your list when the next recession hits.[...]


When you have health insurance, you don’t have to worry about the cost of your medical bills. Learn how to save with health insurance.[...]


Get the best deals and discounts while shopping online. We have the best tips for saving money while shopping online.[...]


If you’re waiting on a tax return but not sure what to do with it, explore what to do with a tax refund and simple ways to spend it wisely.[...]


If you’re facing hardship, explore available resources when you need financial assistance for rent. We’ll give you many options.[...]

What Are Installment Loans? And How Are They Different From Payday Loans

We’ll explain how installment loans differ from payday loans – and why they’re usually a better choice. Read to learn more.[...]

The Debt Snowball Method: How and Why It Works to Pay Off Debt

We’ll explain what makes the debt snowball method one of the best ways to conquer your personal debts and the psychology behind it.[...]

5 Ways to Reduce Your Water Bill

It’s easy to reduce your water bill with a few small tweaks around the house. Here are ways to save money every month that can add up.[...]

Creating a Rainy Day Savings Routine You’ll Stick To

Winging it is not a strategy when it comes to building rainy day savings for a financial emergency. Here’s what to do instead.[...]

What Happens to Your Credit Score When You Skip a Bill Payment?

Here’s what to expect if you skip a bill payment, including what could potentially happen to your credit score. We’ll give you some tips.[...]

8 Financial Tips During Coronavirus That’ll Save Your Bank Account

Are you looking for financial tips during coronavirus that will save your bank account? If so, we’ve got your back to help you get on track.[...]

10 Places to Get Free Job Skills Training and Guidance Online

Use your extra free time to refine your expertise by learning something new with free job skills training resources in this roundup![...]

Quick Loans: When Are They a Good Idea?

When should you get a loan? Here are times when it might make sense to get online personal loans, especially if you’re in a cash crunch.[...]


Do you need money fast? You can borrow what you need when you need it with a cash loan. Jora has an easy application and decisioning process. Funds can be transferred to your checking account as soon as today.* Jora is committed to helping you with your financial success.[...]


Do you need to apply for a loan quickly? While many people will turn to payday or title lenders, a better option is to explore online loans. Online loans offer the speed, efficiency, and convenience of other loan options - without all the downsides.[...]


Direct installment loan lenders online can provide a feasible option in these situations. Read on for an installment loan definition and how finding a loan that suits you can drastically change your financial situation. [...]


Sometimes you need additional cash to pay for an urgent need. However, because of the size of the loan, you might find it stressful to fully repay the loan in a short window of time. Avoiding such stress is just one of the advantages of getting the cash you need through an installment loan from Jora. An installment loan allows you to make payments on your loan over a longer period of time than with a traditional payday advance loan [...]


When a financial need arises and you’re short on cash or time, you just want to get what you need fast and hassle-free. Unfortunately, if you attempt to get a loan from a company that is not a direct lender, you could end up with headaches, delays and frustration before getting cash in hand–and that’s if you’re approved at all. Does that mean you should use a payday direct lender? Or is an installment loan from a direct lender the better way to go? [...]


Is applying for an installment loan difficult? It’s not too hard to imagine that you’ll have to go through hoops. Or that it involves lots of paperwork as well as the expectation that you may need to wait a long time for your loan to be approved. If you believe that, it’s a good bet that you probably don’t know about online installment loan providers like Jora [...]


Many Americans have poor credit or credit history. All it takes is just one error to hurt your credit score. If a larger, unforeseen event disrupts your cash flow, your credit rating could be impacted more significantly. It’s important to know the basics of a credit score, how to check your score, and what to do in the event of a cash emergency if you have bad credit [...]


When seeking a loan, it’s important to find a loan that works best for your particular borrowing and repayment needs. When you are choosing between a payday loan and an installment loan, it’s important to know how each works so you can decide which route is best for you [...]


An installment loan is a loan in which the act of repaying the funds borrowed plus any interest associated with the loan is broken into equal installment payments over time. Each installment consists of both principal (a portion of the amount borrowed) and interest. These amounts adjust as the loan is paid down where a larger portion of each successive payment is applied to the remaining principal balance [...]

A mother and child counting change to pay for bills

Reports indicate that more than 49% of Americans are “concerned, anxious or fearful about their current financial well-being.”1 When money is tight and you’re struggling to meet your financial obligations every month, it’s smart to take a look at your monthly expenses and find ways to cut costs [...]

A man holding the money he saved by managing his loans

When you’re struggling with debt or bad credit, it can be daunting. It’s easy to feel like your financial goals are out of reach. But remember that everyone starts somewhere, and the best decision you can make is to take action now. Here are some important things to remember as you work on managing your loans and paying off your debts [...]

Poor credit score report with pen next to a keyboard

Let’s face it: Nobody wants to have a bad credit score. But unfortunately, sometimes life throws you a curveball, missed payments can get out of control quickly, and you may find yourself struggling to dig out of a hole. If you’re dealing with a low credit score, there are a few things you can do to help boost your numbers [...]

A man putting his installment loan money into his wallet

When you find yourself in a pinch financially—especially if you have a low credit score—it can be tough to know what your best option is. Payday loans are a common short-term loan option, but they’re very short: Typically, you’re required to pay the money back within around two weeks, when your next paycheck comes in. Essentially, a payday loan is simply a cash advance against your next paycheck, to be used for bills or purchases that you need to make before you have the money in your account [...]

A man checking the time on his watch

When you’re in need of a quick loan, there are plenty of routes you can take to get cash fast. Of course, some are better than others, and each has its pros and cons. It’s important that you evaluate all your options before you choose the one that’s right for you. Here are the advantages and setbacks of some common alternatives to payday loans [...]

A jar of change from all the money saved

With a shrinking middle class and the ever-increasing costs of day-to-day living, it should come as no surprise that most Americans are struggling financially. Here’s a snapshot of the average individual and household in America [...]

One dollar bills stacked on top of each other

Did you know that approximately 12 million Americans use short-term loans (like and payday loans) each year? There’s no shortage of options when it comes to payday lending, and people use online installment loans for a wide range of applications. Here’s a quick rundown of payday borrowers and what they’re using their quick loans for [...]

Animated graphic of person studying credit score gauge, holding calculator and magnifying glass

When you’re applying for a traditional loan, looking to rent an apartment, or trying to get utility service, it’s likely that your lender, landlord, or provider will run a credit check. In other words, credit checks are an unavoidable part of life [...]

Stressed woman looking at bills and thinking about how bad credit has impacted her life and financial health

There are those who think bad credit isn’t a huge deal; they don’t feel the need to worry about putting in the necessary work to build their credit back, until they want to make a big purchase that requires a strong credit score, like a car or a house [...]