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Sometimes you need additional cash to pay for an urgent need. However, because of the size of the loan, you might find it stressful to fully repay the loan in a short window of time. Avoiding such stress is just one of the advantages of getting the cash you need through an installment loan from Jora.

An installment loan allows you to make payments on your loan over a longer period of time than with a traditional payday advance loan. Read on for more benefits of choosing an installment loan:

Helps reduce financial stress.

By making smaller, manageable payments over a longer repayment time, you can avoid having to repay the loan in full by the following pay day.

Better financial management.

Because the installment payments are timely and regular, you’ll have the clarity and consistency to manage your finances smoothly.

Handle other immediate needs or priorities.

With smaller loan repayments over time, you can comfortably pay your normal living expenses or have additional funds to help manage other smaller emergencies.

Get the amount you really need.

Feel more comfortable taking out a larger loan because your loan amount is not limited by your ability to repay the entire loan with your next paycheck.

Get a loan fast.

Through Jora, you can apply and if approved, you can get an answer on an installment loan online in just minutes.*

Flexible approval terms.

Installment loans from Jora are also available to those with stressed or less than perfect credit.