How to Cut One of Your Largest Bills

You may have noticed, your cable bill is going up. And up.

You’re not imagining things. According to data from the Leichtman Research Group’s annual survey of TV households that tracks what homeowners pay for cable, every new year sets a record level for cable bills. Bills rose 39% from 2011 to 2015. Almost eight times the rate of inflation.1

With never-ending bill creep, the idea of “cutting the cord” is gaining in popularity. Research firm MoffettNathanson reported that the rate of consumers dropping their cable and satellite TV packages hit the highest level ever in the fourth quarter of this year – over half a million customers.

What those statistics don’t show: millenials. Unlike the Generation X, Baby Boomers or the Greatest Generation before them, many millenials never signed up for cable TV in the first place. Instead, their money went to pay for other experiences or they simply saved it.

Imagine, pocketing the money from a cable TV subscription. An expense which could be costing you over $1000 a year.

With the average cost of cable television near $109 or more, lowering your bill is a great way to create more financial breathing room – including paying down debt faster. Here’s how.

Watch TV “Over the Air”

TV shows are still broadcast over the airwaves, and now, in high definition. If you have a digital-compatible TV, all you need is an antenna.

Watch Internet Shows

Cancel your cable box and stream shows over the Internet. You can watch many shows via free Internet apps and online channels, like YouTube.


Whether traditional, electronic or audio, many libraries offer all three to take home and enjoy – all for the price of a free library card.

Watch NatureVision

Step outside. You’ll find that Mother Nature has some entertaining sights and sounds.

Rediscover Existing Content

Your music collection, videos and books. They were good the first time and you might enjoy them even better a second time around. Plus, they’re already paid for.

Not Ready to Completely Lose Cable?

Whether you’re still binge watching your favorite series or just still too accustomed to cable TV, there are still a few ways to bring down your cable bill and save a little money.