Bank said,"no?" How an online installment loan can get your business to "yes."

Have an idea for starting your own business? Getting it off the ground takes passion, hard work, persistence...

Ok, a little startup money helps, too.

Problem is that people like you, with a vision, may encounter banks with strict or very complicated criteria for giving out business loans. For instance, a bank may want collateral to back up the loan. They may ask to you to go back, write up and present a formal business plan. They may even ask you to provide hard evidence that your business made a profit (even though you haven’t gotten your business off the ground yet and need their loan to do it).

A bank may say, “no” to your business. If you believe in your dream, don’t give up. Other visionaries before you didn’t call it quits. They found other sources to finance their dreams.

These famous founders scraped a little money together and built business empires. Read on and imagine what you could do with the money from an online installment loan. A loan that you can apply for, be approved and have money in your bank account in a business day.*


Founder Steve Jobs sold his minibus and co-founder Steve Wozniak sold his calculator to scrape up $1,350 cash for their business.


Receiving $1,000 from his family, founder Michael Dell was able to focus, full-time, on his fledgling business. In just one year, the company grossed more than $73 million.


The founder took $5,000 to a Vegas blackjack table after the shipping giant was denied a business loan. He won over $27,000 to keep the business going.

Kentucky Fried Chicken

Colonel Sanders received a $99 Social Security check. That and his popular chicken recipe helped him grow into a worldwide business.

Paul Mitchell Systems

John Paul DeJoria took a $700 loan and created Paul Mitchell Systems, a billion-dollar company.


Founder Sara Blakely started her billion-dollar empire with $5,000 in personal savings.


The company started in a garage with an initial investment of $538.